Which are the technical data?

At the last page of each catalogues you´ll find them, too.

flix: which weight can it carry?

Basic - Wing A, B: each wing could be loaded with 100 kg. That ist enough for e.g. 4 fully loaded Chafing-Dishes, or for 3 Chafys and chinaware...

Smart- Wing C: the wing could be loaded with 50 kg. That ist enough for e.g. 2 fully loaded Chafing-Dishes or a lot of chinaware...

Additional Wing "Mini": 15 kg. That´s even enough for a full loaded round Chafy.

Basic / Smart post shelf: 10kg, that is one whole crate of beer...

flix Tower: 20 kg each wing. That are 2 crates of beer...

Is flix really as powerfull and efficient as claimed?

100 people serve themselves3 times at the buffet - without queuing...Is that just possible?

We haven´t "anyhow computed" these data, they are everyday-experiences of our customers and of ourself. In our own gastronomy flix is used for all buffets and caterings. Because it is accessible from all sides and offers very well organized food presentation, the guest serve themselves astonishing quickly.

Of course, for this number of people, supplies must keep coming. Fortunately this happens in next to no time: just change glass dishes or chafing-dish-inserts.

How stable is the flix Buffet-System?

flix Tower:
Comparable to regular tables.

flix Smart & Basic:
If you shake the post of these systems, then the buffet swings. That is because the flix Buffet-System has not, like normal tables, four, but only two legs (posts): just this special construction enables the fascinating flexibility.

This swinging of the flix Buffet-System is similar to the swinging of an airplane wing: this swings too without breaking ever. For this reason we call our "table boards" wing.

Does the swinging make the Buffet-System instable? No, it overturns just as little as a four-leged table. In everyday-use you don´t come into contact with this question anyway, because the guest is serving himself from the dishes without shaking the buffet.

Where do I get support & spare parts?

Every part of our products, even a small screw, is available, and we do our best to answer every question. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime: info[at]flix.eu.

How is flix transported?

The flix Buffet-Systems are laid out for highest mobility. 

flix Tower:
Short distances: wheels. Car: Tower can be transported horizontaly. Truck: up to 6 Towers can be transported on one euro-palett.

flix Basic:
Plane distances the rollcase covers on its own 4 wheels. Staircases are possible, but a lift is a big help for that.
With a length of just under 2m the case fits in usual hotel lifts, in smaller kifts it could be set up on edge.

flix Smart:
The Smart-Box has wheels, but its weight of ca. 25kg it could as well be carried easily. Its length of 1,30m allows to transport it in every car.

How do I transport chafing dishes?

Very easily: due to the frame isn´t needed, up to 4 chafing dishes incl. lid and heating could be transported in only one 40x60 cm box!

How do I transport the glass dishes?

The flix glass/porcelain dishes, whether empty or filled, could be transported in stackable boxes:

Square and rectangular dishes: in 60x40 cm (¼ Euro-Norm) boxes.
Round dishes: in 50x50 cm dishwasher boxes.

Do my 1/1-GN Chafing-Dishes fit into flix?

Yes, because flix is designed just for the very popular 1/1-GN chafer:

Tower: 1 chafer in each wing.
Basic (wing B)
: carries up to 4 of them.
Smart (wing C): carries up to 2 of them.
Additional wing Mini: carries 1 of the round chafing dishes D=30 cm.

Usually chafing dishes never look very nice... with flix they look quite elegant, because the frame isn´t needed: you just need water pan & lid.

Please note: the burner holder or the electric heating must be fixed directly at the water pan of the chafing dish (Spring, WMF etc.)... or a special heating (picture) is used.

Do full rolltop chafing dishes fit?

Yes, they fit into wing B (flix Basic)... because they are a little bit bigger, special table boards are needed.

How can I set up a soup station?

the most easy soup station: one 1/1-GN chafing dish and two soup inserts. This soup station fits into Tower, wing B (Basic) and wing C (Smart).

Electrical supply?

Tower: please see here click

Basic: One of the table boards is equipped with a plug board for the electrical heating of the chafing dishes or for other electrical equipment.

Smart: there is no plug board, but the cables are guided neatly and almost unnoticeable along the post.

Is there a lighting for flix?

flix Tower: please see here click

flix Smart & Basic:
Yes, and it is very impressing! Because the wings are translucent, the glass dishes at wing A (Basic) and C (Smart) could be illuminated from below - and that looks fantastically!

Please contact us!

Is it possible to cook on flix (induction)?

flix Tower: please see here click

flix Smart & Basic: Yes, together with a special table board you can fit in your induction unit in wing B.

Is there a cooling for flix?

flix Tower: both is possible, passive or active.

flix Smart & Basic: on demand we build a special table board for your active or your passive cooling unit, which then can be fitted in frame B (Basic). That could look like this:

Is there a sneeze guard?

Only very rarely a sneeze guard is needed.

flix Tower: please see here click.

flix Basic / Smart: on request we can offer a sneeze guard for wing A, B or C.

Questions? Please contact us.