Quick and flexible, elegant and beautiful, modular and incredibly practical: that´s what the name "flix" stands for. What is behind all this?

the flix-story

In former times, we were a catering service, delivering fine buffets.
Cooking good food was always fun - but the set up of the buffet, table linen, skirtings and the decoration cost a lot of time, nerves and money.

Therfore we decided to look for a good buffet system ...

the buffet-system

... and didn´t find one - so we had to construct one by ourselves.
The result: flix, the patented system for buffet presentation.


The name "flix" is a mixture of quick (german: fix) and flexible.
Because it looks so good many think that it´s a design object. However, flix is a purely functional system with a well-defined task: to save time, space, costs and problems... and to wow the guest.