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All details of the flix Basic-Set can be received by clicking on the drawing.


All wooden parts of the flix Basic-Set are made of noble solid ash hardwood which has the best qualities to meet varying demands. We offer these colours (PDF):


Thanks to their three feet the posts stand securely on every ground...
no matter if inside or outside.

In the Basic-Set: 4x post

post shelf

... offers space for serviettes, cutlery, glasses, this and that.

In the Basic-Set: 3x post shelf

Wing A

The sleek wing A offers space for:

- 4x glass bowls square or round
- 5x glass platters curved

Wing A can as well be covered completely or partially with table boards.

In the Basic-Set: 2x wing A

Wing B

The wide wing B offers space for up to four chafing dishes 1/1 GN. To meet your demands, table boards or even induction stoves, cooling plates etc. can be placed here too.

In the Basic-Set: 1x wing B


The patented clip ensures the unbeatable flexibility of the flix Buffet-System: rotation, tiered presentation, height adjustment: everything in next to no time and without tools.

The result: culinary landscapes with exquisitely presented food, perfectly fitting into every room.

table boards

Provide space for plates, cutlery, glasses etc. One of the table boards is equipped with a plug board for the electrical heating of the chafing dishes or for other electrical equipment.

In the Basic-Set:
- 4x table board 57x36 cm
- 2x end table board 57x19 cm

glas dishes

The gorgeous and at the same time very robust glass bowls are the best stage for fingerfood, starters and desserts. Due to the transparent construction of the flix Buffet-System the dishes appear to hover.

Especially elegant: the "glass stairs" on wing A.

In the Basic-Set:
- 4x glass bowl round
- 4x glass bowl square
- 4x glass platter curved


Up to 4 chafing dishes, 1/1-GN sized, find place very elegantly in wing B: the unaesthetic frame of the chafing dish isn´t needed at all.

Every sort of 1/1-GN chafing dish fits into the flix Buffet-System. Please note that the burner holder or the electric heating must be fixed directly at the water pan of the chafing dish (Spring, WMF etc.).

The chafing dishes are not part of the Basic-Set.
Purchase chafing dishes: click.

cable management

Cables, for example of electrical heatings, rarely look very nice... the cables of the flix Buffet-System are guided neatly and almost unremarkable along at the post.

Roll Box

Perfectly organized and secure: that´s what a roll box should be. With its size of 200x45x70cm the box fits into every lift, as well as upright without problems.

The complete Buffet-System is stored here. When more posts, wings or table boards are added to your Basic-Set (components & accessories), they´ll find space in the box too.