Materials & colours

Wood: For flix Tower we use the best hardwood multiplex. The hand oiled edge produces a nice curve and both, material and surface, are extremely robust.

Wood colours: Available in cool pearl white and brown with a stylish silkscreen surface.

Acryl Glass: The lateral surfaces consist of frosted acryl glass - so we can install atmospherical lighting; but the panel/surface serves as a board for writing on your menu too.

Metal: The table legs and many of the other metal parts consist of brush-finished stainless steel... this adds a noble and at once professional look to flix Tower.


The wings, typically flix, can be fixed horizontally or tilted:

1. Tilted wing: Offers space for elegant plates or bowls - for starters, fingerfood, desserts etc. The slope ensures a wonderfull and clear presentation without any extra decoration.
With help from small steel-brackets the plates come to stand horizontaly on the tilted wing.

2. Horizontal wing: At first, it´s a normal table. This changes, if you take out the panel, which is fixed by high-power magnets. The opening in GN-size offers space for:

  • Chafing-Dish
  • Cooling-, warming-plate
  • Induction unit
  • Grill (BBQ)
  • etc.


It doesn´t matter how many wings you use at the same time, thanks to additonal weights in the base, flix Tower stands securely, even if only one wing is used and loaded with 20kgs.


Five solid bars of steel ensure that Tower always stands securely. If required the bars can be taken out.

Underneath is the drawer for the marker pens and various other things.

The power supply of "lighting and sockets" is situated here, too. If you don´t need it, the spiral cable is stored in the base.

Accessoiries ...

... for example, electrical sockets, coloured lighting, sneeze guard or a plate dispenser to ensure that flix Tower is fit for all duties.

made in germany

All components are designed and produced a hundred per cent in Germany. Even the assembling of all parts is 100% accurate German handicraft.

the concept ...

... is surprinsigly simple: a pretty slender table on wheels, equipped with fold-out, multi-functional wings at each of the four sides - the result is an extremly flexible and fast buffet solution.

Some details: